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Municipal Road Foundation Treatment Working Method Testing Project for the Infrastructures Construction Project of Urban Economy Belt-zone in East Shantou City

The project site is located in the estuary zone of the Han River Delta near Shantou, which is planned to be Shantou’s new urban CBD. the geographical condition of project site: surface is pumping filled sand with average thickness 8.2m, and permeability coefficient K=5 x 10-3cm/s; substratum is sludge - sludge type soil with average thickness 5.25m, and permeability coefficient K=0.7 x 10-7cm/s. As per the geological condition, 5 trial testing areas were designated, and 9 working methods were used for foundation treatment test to determine suitable working methods, including “heap preloading + tube well dewatering preloading + dynamic compaction”, “bamboo mesh + deep treatment” and etc. In the end, a hybrid approach of “heap preloading + tube well dewatering preloading + dynamic compaction” was chosen.