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Huzhou Qianshan Port Water Environment Treatment Project

The project is located in Qianshan Port, near the municipal government of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is a municipal river channel of the river and city street administration area. The project starts from No. 1 Bridge Gate of the Zhongxing Bridge in the south (adjacent to the Yuer Port section of Xishao River), and ends at the Golden Mediterranean in the north, totally 1.3km long, with a water area of about 47,400m2, an average depth of 1.5m, and a capacity of about 71,100m3. According to the model of “precision detection analysis-water quality model calculation-external pollution interception-water comprehensive treatment- long term ecological maintenance-monitoring and detection- emergency response”, the project improved the transparency of the water of the Qianshan Port project section and improved the water environmental quality, realized the overall improvement of the landscape on both shores, the water color is clear, the water surface is clean, achieved and formed a scene of clear water and green shore on both shores.