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The combination reinforcing technology of concrete box girder by thickening web – tensioning prestress

time : 2019-03-16Author : 马小云


Technology introduction: this technology is applied in many reinforcement projects, solving the technical problems of thin-walled box girder web-cracking repair and the problems of bending and shearing capacity improvement, which realized the reinforcement effect of box girder combination of "reliable interface, compact inside, even appearance, stable quality, controllable safety and durability". It enriches the theory and construction method of reinforcement technology of the combination of box girder thickening webs and pre-stressing force, which greatly promotes the theory progress of bridge reinforcement and is of significance to the industry technology up-grate speed-up. 

Innovations: (1) through doing the comparison experiment of 20m-box-girder web-thickening and pre-stressing force combination reinforcement by outdoor reaction frame loading system of test beam, studying on the ultimate bearing capacity and the rule of force bearing of the structure, the rational structure parameter, material parameter and technical parameter are put forward. The complete set of technology of box girder thickened web and pre-stressing force combination reinforcement is formed. (2) Super-high pressure water jet which is to chip and break the concrete bridge deck is developed. When taking water or water with sand to chip and break different grade of concrete bridge deck, the best work pressure and flow range is put forward. 

Technical features: (1) The ultimate flexural capacity of girder is improved greatly. (2) The section shear capacity is improved efficiently. (3) The reinforcement construction expense of a single 20m-long box girder is about RMB 35000. (4) Work efficiency of galling reaches to 16/h and economic indicators reach to 23 Yuan/.

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