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Refine dynamic and static coupling drainage consolidation technology on hydraulic reclamation site

time : 2019-03-16Author : 马小云


Technology introduction: (1) This technology is applied in many soft soil treatment trial projects at home and abroad, total treatment area reaches to 2.15 million , solving the problems of obvious site non-uniform settlement, large settlement after construction and low loading capacity, realizing the technical index "foundation loading capacity 120kPa, differential settlement<3/1000", which has the features of construction period-saving (saving for 1/4-1/3 of traditional technical construction period), low comprehensive cost (reducing the surcharge-materials) and so on. It can satisfy the projects of regular and high-standard requirements and it is suitable for soft soil foundation reinforcement projects formed by artificial hydraulic fill, such as "thick sandy soil on the surface", "soil and sand interbred", "silt intercalation", "surface thick mud" in coastal area and riverside area, which has wide application market. 

Innovations: (1) Based on the goal of unitize settlement after construction for hydraulic filling the site, the refined partition method of non-uniform site-hydraulic-fill was put forward and the settlement computation method for soft soil hydraulic fill is optimized. The parameter evaluation is refined. (2) hydraulic-fill surcharge-dewater pre-compression  dynamic compaction combination method, stereoscopic combination  dynamic drainage consolidation combination method, short-range vacuum-surcharge pre-compression dynamic drainage consolidation combination method and such methods of rotor/stator interaction drainage consolidation were firstly developed, in which the corresponding design method and technical parameter were put forward.  (3) The construction control technology of rotor/stator interaction drainage consolidation of site-hydraulic-fill was also developed. The corresponding construction technology and control parameter were put forward, ensuring the construction quality and efficiency.

Technical features: (1) This technology can satisfy the two requirements: load-carrying capacity ≥ 120kPa. settlement after construction. (2) This technology is suitable for the site foundation hydraulic fill of coastal area, riverside area and other high-standard site. (3) The core lies in "combination of dynamics and statics", relatively shortening 1/4-1/3 of the construction period; (4) Construction-period-saving, surcharge-materials-reducing, low comprehensive cost.

Application cases: The research achievements are successfully applied in the following projects: the project of soft foundation treatment of Port of Karachi, Pakistan; Foundation treatment project of No.1 and No.2 cofferdam in new port area of Weihai Port; road network soft foundation treatment project of new coastal city of Yuyao economic development area; soft foundation treatment trial section of eastern urban economic belt of Shantou city municipal infrastructure construction and other projects at home and abroad. 

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