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Complete technology of stayed cable replacement under uninterrupted traffic conditions

time : 2019-03-16Author : 马小云


Innovations: (1) Combining the construction technology of cable-replacement traffic organization, old cable demolition and new cable installation, under the condition of not interrupting the traffic,  assembled 650t-stretching kickstand, assembling tower crane, wheeled bridge deck windlass and other equipment are developed. The complete set of technology of stayed cable replacement, under condition of not interrupting the traffic, is formed, improving the work efficiency and ensuring the construction safety. (2) Based on live load pseudo-static value method, stayed cable bridge condition recognition technology with the effect of dynamic vehicle loading; Bringing the live load effect into the range of control system, construction control system of cable-replacement under the condition of not interrupting traffic, which satisfied the tension accuracy requirement of stayed cable. (3)  Stayed cable detection robots which possess the function of corrosion detection, outer diameter detection, length detection, etc. are developed. (4) Anchorage schemes detection work platform which is of functions of cross-obstacle, cross-bridge deck and equipment height adjustment.

Technical features: (1) Constructing under condition of not interrupting traffic is realizable. (2) Anchorage schemes detection platform of cross-obstacle and multi-function. (3) Stayed cable detection robot can detect the cables in high precision and automation. 

Application cases:  The research achievements are successfully applied in the following projects: Yinpenling bridge, Xiangjiang; Cable replacement project of Lijiatuo bridge, Chongqing.

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