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Safety control technology for slope adjustment and jacking-up of girder bridge with large height

time : 2019-03-16Author : 马小云


Technology introduction: This technology has created the highest international record of 6-span simply-supported girder bridge slope-change jacking and the highest international record of 4-span straight web curved continuous girder bridge (R=255m) double grade-of-deck jacking, which systematically ensured the structure safety, construction safety, traffic safety and environment safety of the super-elevation double slope-change jacking of bridges ( simply-supported girder and continuous girder ) and realized reuse of old bridge resources. It is general technology which is safe, undamaged, energy-saving and environmental, possessing wide adaptability and versatility, especially suitable for the jacking construction of bridge girder in the jacking range of 5~15m. It possesses very remarkable social benefit on the aspect of traffic jam remission, rational use of resources and environmental protection. 

Innovations: (1) High precision magnet flux strain and displacement integrated monitoring equipment, new PFC80 proportional jack-up control equipment and the auxiliary devices of displacement sensor are developed, in which the technical method of real-time displacement of girder double slope-change jacking was put forward and the supervise and control technique of girder bridge double slope-change jacking construction was also formed. (2) Intelligent AB alternating bridge-jacking method was put forward, in which the technology of girder bridge double grade-of-deck-jacking was formed. It systematically builds safety control of the girder bridge double grade-of-deck-jacking and safety protection system. 

Technical features: (1) Stable monitoring accuracy; displacement resolution: 0.001mm; strain resolution: 0.1με. (2) The maximum height of super-elevation double grade-of-deck of multi-span simply-supported girder bridge is 7.4m; maximum average steering angle is 4.2°. (4) The highest international record of 4-span straight web curved continuous girder bridge (R=255m) double grade-of-deck jacking had been created. 

Application cases: The research achievements are successfully applied in the following projectsProjects of super-elevation grade-of-deck jacking reconstruction and reuse of approach bridge of Chengdu Yngxi grade separation bridge, approach bridge of SWJTU grade separation bridge, approach bridge of Hongpailou overpass bridge, approach bridge of Shuangnan over-bridge and other bridges. The research achievements are partly applied in many large-scale bridge beam-jacking construction and monitoring projects, such as: waterside pavilion platform-jacking project at north of Lanzhou Yellow River Iron Bridge, approach bridge-jacking of Foshan Beijiang bridge of Shenyang-Haikou expressway. 


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