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Rapid removal technology and equipment of overweight curved beam bridge

time : 2019-03-16Author : 马小云


Technology introduction: This technology has been applied to the rapid demolition of beam body of the span of BDLK1-3 (3*33m) of the viaduct of Beidi Road at the entrance of highway S26 to Shanghai city, which realized the rapid demolition of superstructure of 3000-ton of curved slope beam bridge in an hour. It achieved the beneficial effects of safety, low traffic impact, energy conservation, environmental protection and quality and efficiency enhancement. It brought remarkable social economic benefits and effectively alleviated the contradiction between bridge demolition at key crossroads in Shanghai and the overall traffic operation goals. It has wide adaptability and versatility and can be used for rapid construction, demolition, replacement and transposition of bridge and large-scale structure. It is also suitable for the rapid demolition of whole span or integrated beam bridges, alleviating the traffic jam on urban highways, ensuring the safety of structure, construction, transportation and environment, and promoting scientific and technological progress and industrial transformation and upgrading. 

Innovations: (1)The calculation and analysis model of old bridge structure and bridge-dismantling system of rapid demolition of large-scale curved slope beam bridge, under many construction situations, has been created. (2) The core technology system of rapid demolition of single 3000-ton curved slope beam bridge section was established, and 132-axle SPMT parallel vehicle equipment of high synchronization was developed. The synchronization accuracy of parallel vehicle reached 14 mm, and the positioning accuracy reached 10 mm. (3) The rapid demolition safety control system of large-scale curved slope beam bridge was constructed, and an intelligent monitoring system based on Internet of Things and big data cloud platform was developed.

Progressiveness: International advanced level

Technical features: (1) Low traffic impact(traffic control on single side for 2 hour); (2)Rapidity(dismantle the 3050-ton-beam-bridge in 1 hour, shortening the work period); (3) 14mm of synchronization accuracy of parallel vehicle and 10mm of positioning accuracy.(4)Energy conservation and environment protection(no such situations appeared: energy-consumption caused by traffic jam, detouring, repeated lifting, loading and transporting; large-scale power utilities; dust)

Application cases: The research achievements are popularized and applied in the following projects: Continuous box girder demolition of the superstructure of ramp B of the reconstruction project in Dinghai District, Zhoushan City; The demolition project of the over-bridge of the south fourth ring expressway in Wuhan, Hubei province; The rapid demolition project of the flyover of the Shenyang-Haikou expressway in Kaiyang county, Luoding, Guangdong province. 


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