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Environmental Engineering


As the standing director member of the Third Council of China Dredging Association and organizational unit of the Utilization of Mud Resources Committee of China Dredging Association, led by China Dredging Association, our company devotes to comprehensive control and utilization of municipal sludge, construction waste and dredged mud, turning the waste into treasure and alleviating environmental pressure. We also make valuable suggestions to the industrial development plans, relevant laws, regulations, policies and scientific research system. At present, our company has sludge and silt mechanical dewatering and chemical modification integrated technology, overwater dredging plant technique. They have been widely used in infrastructure construction such as lake, road, port, airport and so on. We have took part in more than 20 mud resource projects and reduced 100 million yuan. Led by the policy of “building a resource-saving, environment-friendly society”, our company does the best to make a contribution.