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Detection and Maintenance Project of Roads and Bridges

As the rapid development of highways and expressways in China, the maintenance and management services for highways and expressways are also gradually becoming more and more socialized, professionalized and digitalized. By taking our technical advantages in bridge construction, repairing and reinforcement, in the sequence of time, we contracted the Maintenance Project for Bridges in the Hubei Province Section of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, the Repair and Maintenance Project of Sui-Yue Highway Hubei Province Section, the Professionalized Maintenance Project for Bridges on the Wu-Xuan and Lu-tong Highway in Anhui Province, Highway Bridge Maintenance Project on Tonghuang-Tangtun Highway in Anhui Province and etc, seized the first place in the bridge maintenance and reinforcement industry, and established our company's leading position in the field of bridge inspection and maintenance. Basing on the maintenance and management experiences over years, our company has created a set of new system for bridge maintenance, accumulated experience in bridge maintenance, and cultivated a large group of excellent bridge maintenance technical personnel.