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CCCC Road & Bridge Special Engineering Co.,Ltd.武汉二航路桥特种

CCCC Road & Bridge Special Engineering Co., Ltd, jointly funded by the CCCC Infrastructure Maintenance Group Co., Ltd and CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Company, is a new & high-tech enterprise engaging in road, bridge and tunnel construction, maintenance and reinforcement, reconstruction and demolition, maintenance and management, foundation treatment and comprehensive water environment treatment, undertook international super large bridge maintenance projects Since 2011.

As has been developing for more than twenty years, our business covers more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government of China, as well as in global areas, such as Central America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Africa, East Africa, and etc. Our achievements cover large bridges and super-large bridges over Yangtze River, Yellow River and Pearl River. Since the establishment of company, we have successively participated in and organized implementation of more than 700 projects; our quality, safety, progress, environment protection of construction and other aspects of work are highly praised with widely spread good enterprise reputation and high market recognition.

We vigorously implement the innovation-driven upgrade development strategy, and have obtained 156 national patents and 60 construction methods; edited and co-edited 3 books of monographs and manuals, 33 sets of industrial standards; and won 71 S&T Awards. We have been continuously awarded the title of "New & High-tech Enterprise" since 2011. We had participated in the establishment of the National Engineering Laboratory of Bridge Structural Safety Technology, under the National Development and Reform Commission, which is the national-level technical center - the Technical Center of CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Company’s Sub-Center of Bridge Reconstruction and Reinforcement Technology, Sub-Center of Soft Foundation Treatment Technology, and Comprehensive Research and Development Center of Water Environment and Sponge City. In 2015, we took lead in setting up the Professional Committee for Comprehensive Utilization of Mud Resources of China Dredging Association, and were successively awarded the title of Hubei Enterprise Technology Center, Hubei Engineering Technology Research Center of Intelligent Bridge Maintenance, Automated Operation Technology Transportation Industry Research and Development Center, and Bridge Maintenance Technology R&D Center of CCCC Infrastructure Maintenance Group Co., Ltd; and now we possess Wuhan Model Worker Innovation Studio, CCCC Craftsman Talent Innovation Studio, and National Engineering Design Master Studio.

At present our company closely follows the steps of CCCC in building up a world-class enterprise of high technology, management and quality, and focuses on the development goal of constructing an "international first-class infrastructure comprehensive maintenance service provider" proposed by CCCC, seeking development through innovation, and winning client’s trust through service.