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CCCC Road & Bridge Special Engineering Co.,Ltd.武汉二航路桥特种

CCCC Special Engineering Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise under China Communications Construction Group and is mainly engaged in the reinforcement and operation and maintenance of infrastructure, soft foundation treatment, comprehensive utilization of mud resources, and comprehensive water environment management. It is a specialized and leading third-level enterprise of China Communications Construction Group, a key enterprise of Hubei Province that contributes to the construction industry, and the first batch of Chinese enterprises to undertake international super-large bridge repair and maintenance projects.

After more than 20 years of development, the company's business covers more than 30 domestic provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, as well as foreign countries and regions including Central America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Africa, East Africa, etc., with a complete industrial chain and integrated service capabilities. Since its establishment, the company has participated in and organized the implementation of more than 700 projects and was widely praised and highly recognized for its projects’ achievements in safety, environmental protection, stable and controllable progress, and high-quality and efficient performance of contracts, therefore enjoying an excellent reputation.

The company actively implements innovation-driven upgrading and development and the strategy of strengthening with talents. It has obtained 204 national patents, 17 software copyrights, and 65 construction methods; has participated in the compilation of 5 monographs and manuals, and 38 standards; has won 79 scientific and technological progress awards, and achieved 4 demonstration projects of energy-saving, environmental protection, and circular economy of China Communications Construction Group. In addition, the company has been continuously identified as a "high-tech enterprise" since 2011; it has participated in the establishment of the "National Engineering Research Center for Efficient Maintenance and Safety and Durability of Roads and Bridges" led by the National Development and Reform Commission, and the "Research and Development Center of Automated Operation Technology in Transportation Industry" led by the Ministry of Transport. It is also the "Bridge Reconstruction and Reinforcement Technology Sub-center," "Soft Ground Treatment Technology Sub-center" and "Water Environment and Sponge City Comprehensive R&D Center" of the CCCC Second Harbor Engineering National Enterprise Technology Center; and is the "Hubei Provincial Enterprise Technology Center," "Hubei Provincial Bridge Intelligent Maintenance Engineering Technology Research Center," "CCCC Maintenance Group Bridge Maintenance Technology Research and Development Center." The company has led the establishment of the Mud Resources Comprehensive Utilization Professional Committee of the China Dredging Association and has built the National Engineering Design Master Studio, Wuhan City (Exemplary) Model Worker Innovation Studio, and China Communications Group Model Worker (Craftsman Talent) Innovation Studio.

The company aims for high-quality development and adheres to the development concept of "focusing on innovation and serving the society professionally"; at the same time, it has closely followed the guidance of China Communications Construction Group to create a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness as "technology-oriented, management-oriented, and quality-oriented"; and concentrated on the development goal of China Communications Construction Maintenance Group, “building an international first-class comprehensive service provider in infrastructure maintenance," to focus on construction and the main business and improve specialized professionalism. The company is willing to cooperate with comparable companies worldwide in various areas to create a better future!

In recent years, our company has made great breakthrough in the field of technology R&D&I, have obtained: 156 national patents 42 patent for invention; 60 construction methods, among which there is one construction method at national level, and 31 at ministerial and provincial-level; edited and co-edited 3 books of monographs and manuals, 33 sets of industrial standards, which 1 set of industrial standard is leading edited by us; won 71 S&T Progress Awards, among which are 5 first prizes at provincial and ministerial level, 15 second prizes, and 11 third prizes; and also won 4 CCCC’s Demonstration Projects on Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection and Circular Economy.