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Refine dynamic and static coupling drainage consolidation technology on hydraulic reclamation siteTechnology introduction: (1) This technology is applied in many soft soil treatment trial projects at home and abroad, total treatment area reaches to 2.15 million ㎡, solving the problems of obvious site non-uniform settlement, large settlement after construction and low loading capacity, realizing the technical index "foundation loading capacity ≥120kPa, differential settlement
CFRP-Epoxy Resin Mortar combined strengthening technology for the deck of concrete girder bridgeTechnology introduction: this technology is applied in the reinforcement project of 17 bridges (30m-span/60m-span simply-supported bridges) in the state expressway at the section of Tangail District-Bogra District; it solved the problems of bridge deck cracks and insufficient lateral load and avoided many risks. It brings huge economic benefit on the aspects of economy, quality and schedule. Not interrupting the traffic when doing the bridge reinforcement construction came true, ensuring the smooth traffic of east-west direction in Bangladesh. It does great favor in manpower-saving, material resource-saving and financial resource-saving, which is of great significance to the bridge reinforcement technology improvement in China and overseas bridge reinforcement market development. It has great economic benefit, social benefit and wide application prospect.
The combination reinforcing technology of concrete box girder by thickening web – tensioning prestress Technology introduction: this technology is applied in many reinforcement projects, solving the technical problems of thin-walled box girder web-cracking repair and the problems of bending and shearing capacity improvement, which realized the reinforcement effect of box girder combination of "reliable interface, compact inside, even appearance, stable quality, controllable safety and durability". It enriches the theory and construction method of reinforcement technology of the combination of box girder thickening webs and pre-stressing force, which greatly promotes the theory progress of bridge reinforcement and is of significance to the industry technology up-grate speed-up.
Combination protection technology for scouring of existing deep-water bridge foundationTechnology introduction: this technology is applied in many reinforcement projects, solving the deep-water bridge foundation protection technical difficulties in low wholeness of single protection measure, hard accurate prediction of river-bed height change and hard under-water construction. "Three in one" protection combination system which is suitable for the bridge pile foundation protection of the sandy riverbed of inland river and the muddy riverbed at the section of estuary is formed. Aquatic automatic rough riprap-fill technology and underwater automatic connector-release accurate riprap-fill technology are realized. The construction quality inspection and evaluation standards that the deviation of riprap-fill thickness of combination protection structure is controlled in the range of "±300mm"are set, achieving the goal of "reducing the cost to increase the work effect". It will greatly improve the construction level and management level of scouring protection of pier in water in China and it especially suits for the scouring monitoring, protection measure-taking and the maintenance after protection of deep-water bridge foundation which is on service in inland river basins.
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